Who we are

(and what we do)

We're on a path to inspire people to take time for wellness


Wide range of treatments

Kama Calm aims to help individuals bring their bodies back into balance and in turn release unwanted stress. Treatments include Swedish, Aromatherapy, Indian Head, Hot Crystals massage, Ayurvedic (Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Udvartana), and also Kinetic Chain Release. Recently, Kama Calm is also able to provide yoga classes with sound healing.

Inspiring wellness, uplifting people

As we grow, we see the impact wellness has on our employees, customers, and the practitioner community. It’s clear that when you prioritize wellness you do better, your energy levels are higher, your relaxation time is improved and so is your confidence. For some, the trick is a massage, whilst for others, it is a walk in the park to avoid the distractions of daily life and the pressure to always be productive.

Our aim is to teach you to prioritize wellness into your daily life and to really promote those feelings of confidence, relaxation, and the ambition to empower yourself and everything you want to do.


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