Tailor Made Relaxing Experiences

Everyone is unique and that is how his/her therapy should be. Are you ready to feel the ultimate sensation and let go in the hands of our therapists?

If yes, then the answer is one:

Tailor-made “loveyourself” session! Full body aromatherapy, which we have made with the ideal techniques and matching your needs.

50 min - €55

75 min - €80



The session is not according to a specific protocol, but in harmony with the body, the personality, and your needs. It becomes your very own session. It combines techniques and moves to bring the best results to your mechanism; your body, and to fulfil its deeper needs.

On some areas, your body needs special handling, or longer touch, while on others it seeks for an exceptionally smooth and short touch. During the session, the therapist co-works with your body, feels, performs, and applies the technique needed.

Our profession, the way of our life and even the way we sit, or sleep is different. Our body is working with what it is has, to make us feel comfortable. Over time, it creates blockings on the muscles and generally on our body, that lead to affect our organs as well as our mood.



After the end of the session, your mood will take off, your smile will be on your lips and your day will have changed for the best.

The pressure you will receive during the  Relaxing TAILOR-MADE session will be from mild to moderate

We suggest this session for all who like to receive their first massage in life and those who desire to gift their body and mind with calm and pampering.

Relaxation 70%
Muscles release 30%