Put yourself in the expert hands of the therapist and feel all the stress and fatigue of your everyday life to leave you.

The magic thing with Agigma is that each of our therapists uses different skills on his massage!
All of them are high educate to drive you in a unique experience!

60 min - €80

75 min - €110



Toxins are eliminated from the body and immediately you feel lighter, while your muscles relax and feel tiredness leaves with every single touch,

It is ideal for all of you who are depressed and overwhelmed by obligations, since this massage, through the beneficial oils, will make your mind “unblock” and revive body, soul and spirit.  In the meanwhile, it will relieve you of any muscle pain and it will strengthen the body’s immune system.


Our Signature is about the healer who will serve you, he or she will choose to use of a range of techniques such as “Reflexology’ “aromatherapy” “Shiatsu” “Clinical hypnosis” “Reiki” “Thai” “Ayurvedic” depend on his education and always tailor made, we fit them on your needs



After the session, your mood will boost, the smile will return to your face and the day will change for the better.

We suggest you 3-4 h, after the massage, to take a very hot shower, have light digestive, drink plenty of water and fell asleep