Lava Touch

Fights cellulite and excess fat & create a visibly smoother appearance. Supercharged body treatment based on the supreme power of Santorini’s volcanic lava clay which fights cellulite and excess fat, while stimulating blood flow to increase metabolism.

75 min - €90



Combining a plethora of active ingredients such as algae, basil and cinnamon, this treatment helps activate the lymphatic system and decongest the body, efficiently removing toxins. The wrapping technique applied in the end helps firm and tone the body, while providing evident inch loss and a visibly smoother appearance.

An all-in-one solution to refine the figure and tone the skin. The treatment combines an invigorating massage and an original
body wrap with Santorini’s volcanic lava clay to sculpt your curves and tone your figure targets the abdomen -thighs – buttocks area and attacks cellulite and accumulated fat.



Unwanted curves are reduced and the body feels lighter, smoother and detoxified thanks to our intensive Santorini’s volcanic lava clay formula.
Discover your perfect-looking skin.