Deep Tissue Relaxing Touch

A gradually growing strong and deep procedure. Deep tissue massage at Agigma Massage and Therapies does not mean sports massage but a relaxing and adorable deep tissue relaxing experience

50 min - €65


75 min - €95



Unlike sport massage, Deep Tissue Touch at Agigma starts with gentle handlings such as rocking the body and decongesting the joints to calm the mind (through the parasympathetic nervous system) and enter the relaxation process, then selected movements from various techniques are applied to the body and gradually increase of the intensity, of the depth in the tissue and of the pressure from the therapist.

The power of the pressure in Deep Tissue Touch is more than the relaxing massage and less than the Thai-oil Sport Aromatherapy massage. It will release the body and in the meanwhile will offer you a relaxing pleasure!

As in all our services, the principle of tailor-made applies to Deep Tissue Touch as well. This means that after we hear your story and tell us about the needs of your body, we will enter the room and massage will start. We will touch your body and we will create a protocol based on all the above and personalized to you.

Different pressures according to each area, time distribution based on the body area, on the desire and the needs and not just based on a general protocol.


Our therapist are highly educate to do not rush to offer a full body massage in a certain time period, BUT in a certain time period to offer to the body the more it desires.

Thai oil deep tissue touch is a choice that we are proud of and that we have loved. Our customers / visitors have made us popular  by spreading the word after their Thai oil deep tissue touch session.



Your muscles will relax in depth, the “forgotten” muscle groups will be activated again and your body’s detoxifying ability will be activated from the first half hour of the procedure. At Agigma deep does not mean pain, as many of our guests travel in relaxation and very often fall into a deep sleep.

Results that will last over time are best achieved with a series of sessions rather than a one-off. Please ask your therapist what he or she feels and sugest about your body.

Relaxation: 50%
Muscle release: 50%