Face Rejuvance

Rejuvance means renewal, rejuvenation and uplift the face. It is a natural and effective facial rejuvenation method that a natural lifting effect at the same time throughout the body and mind creating deep relaxation.

55 min - €70

1st session

packet - €50

Full pack of six


Based on technical release subcutaneous connective tissue and muscles, as well as special massage. These techniques are applied gently, especially with the fingertips .The therapist applies Bioenergetic agigma at specific points in 91 muscles of the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, neck and décolleté.

The techniques of Rejuvance work with the physiological are mild, and can not harm a healthy person.



After the sessions:

  • Everyone will say what good it seems.
  • You will notice that your face is more calm and expressive.
  • Your skin will be toned, smoother and moisturized and with fewer wrinkles.
  • Your skin quality will improve, especially when there are great resources diminish.
  • The smooth lines go, and deep lines are softer.
  • Muscles gain a better tone and elasticity.
  • Toxins best go through the flow of lymph.
  • The absorbance of the skin becomes larger.
  • Swellings wrinkles, bags or dark circles under the eyes and swollen face the REJUVANCE will have reduced.

Finally and more important of all, easier and comfortable smile!!